List of available translations that can be used with the plugin.

To use a specific language translation you will need to change the default language code within your config.yml. If the translation is available, the plugin will attempt to download it, otherwise if a translation file matching the Language code format is found it will read that instead!


Language Code



We accept user translated files, if you would like to contribute, please contact us on Discord.

Default Language File (en_US.lang)

prefix: "&8[&eSkulls&8]"
search_ask: "&aPlease enter a keyword to search"
no_results: "&cCould not find any results for the keyword: &6%keyword%"
category_name_ask: "&aPlease enter the category name"
category_name_taken: "&cThat category id is already in use!"
category_created: "&aCreated a new category named &6%category_id%"
category_deleted: "&aRemoved the category named &6%category_id%"
category_display_name_change: "&aChanged category name to &6%category_name%"
category_icon_change: "&aSelect a head from any main category to change the icon"
add_to_category: "&aSelect a category to add the head to"
download_confirm: "&cPlease confirm the re-download!"
download_finished: "&aFinished downloading heads"
download_in_progress: "&cYou must wait for the download to finish!"
unavailable: "&cHead download/load in progress, please wait!"
no_permission: "&cYou don't have permission to do that!"