Custom Recipes

With Crafty, creating custom recipes is a pretty simple process

Currently you can create recipes for the following blocks:

  • Crafting Table

  • Furnace

  • Blast Furnace

  • Smoker

  • Camp Fire

Creating A Recipe

There are two different recipe creation menus in Crafty at the moment. One is for crafting table recipes and the other one is for cooking recipes (furnace, blast furnace, smoker and campfire).

Crafting Recipe Creator

  1. Is the crafting recipe shape, place the items in the fake crafting grid how you want the recipe to be shaped.

  2. Place the item you want users to receive if they following the recipe shape

  3. The toggle button to make the recipe shapeless, this means that the you just need to place one of each item in any slot for the item to be crafted

  4. The create button for the creator, it will give you an error if the recipe name is taken

  5. The recipe name, every single recipe regardless if its a crafting, smoker, furnace, etc must have a unique name otherwise it cannot be registered.

Cooking Recipe Creator (Furnace, Blast Furnace, Smoker, Campfire)

  1. The item you will be placed into Furnace, Blast Furnace, Smoker, or Campfire

  2. The item that will be produced / given to the player

  3. The recipe, like the crafting recipe, it must be unique

  4. The total amount of experience the player will receive everytime x1 of the item gets cooked / smelted

  5. The create button, just like the crafting recipe creator it will give you an error if the recipe name is not changed/unique

  6. The total cooking time for the item in ticks. 20 ticks is equal to 1 second

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