Vouchers is designed to make creating vouchers easy. Everything is done in-game through the use of GUIs, meaning you will never need to leave your client to edit the config, or vouchers.


  • Unlimited vouchers can be created

  • Unlimited broadcast messages

  • Unlimited player messages

  • Unlimited commands

  • Complete in-game editor for settings / vouchers

  • Small Developer API

Developer API / Methods


doesVoucherExists(String id): boolean
removeVoucher(String id): void
createVoucher(Voucher voucher): void
addVoucher(Voucher voucher): void
removeVoucher(Voucher voucher): void
getVoucher(String id): Voucher
getVouchers(): Collection<Voucher>
isLoaded(String id): boolean
loadVouchers(boolean isReload): void
redeem(Player player, Voucher voucher): void

Custom Events

  • VoucherCreateEvent

  • VoucherRedeemEvent

  • VoucherRemoveEvent

Source Code

To view the source code for this plugin click this link: https://www.github.com/tweetzy/vouchers