Mob & Blocks

With Crafty you can adjust the drops for any valid block and mob

Shared Options

  • Drop Default Items - If this is enabled, then blocks and mobs will no longer drop their default items.

  • Blocked Worlds - These are worlds where Crafty will ignore any custom drops/changes to mobs/blocks.

Drop Options

  • Mobs - When adding a drop to a mob, you will be able to toggle whether it gets dropped from naturally spawned mobs, mobs spawned in from an egg or from mobs spawned from a spawner.

  • Blocks - When adding a drop to a block, you will be able to toggle if the drop is dropped from naturally spawned blocks and if they should drop from user placed blocks.

NOTICE: By default any user placed blocks before the plugin is installed will be considered natural since Crafty tags user placed blocks manually.

For more information about drops see Drops

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