List of available translations that can be used with the plugin.
To use a specific language translation you will need to change the default language code within your config.yml. If the translation is available, the plugin will attempt to download it, otherwise if a translation file matching the Language code format is found it will read that instead!
Language Code
We accept user translated files, if you would like to contribute, please contact us on Discord.

Default Language File (en_US.lang)

prefix: "&8[&eMarkets&8]"
reloaded: "&aMarkets has been reloaded (%value%ms)"
nothing_in_hand: "&cYou aren't holding anything in your hand!"
not_a_number: "&cPlease enter a valid number"
price_is_zero_or_less: "&cPlease enter a price greater than 0"
not_enough_money: "&cYou do not have enough money!"
player_does_not_have_funds: "&4%player% &cdoes not have enough money to pay!"
not_enough_items: "&cYou do not have enough items to fulfill the request."
money_remove: "&c&l- $%price%"
money_add: "&a&l+ $%price%"
cannot_buy_from_own_market: "&cYou cannot buy from your own market!"
market_category_not_found: "&cCould not find a category in your market named&f: &4%market_category_name%"
market_required: "&cYou need to create a market to do that!"
market_category_required: "&cYou need at least 1 category in your market!"
already_have_market: "&cYou cannot create a market since you already have one!"
category_already_created: "&cYou already have a market category by the name&f: &4%market_category_name%"
market_not_found: "&cCould not find a market owned by that player."
market_closed: "&cThat player's market is currently closed"
removed_market: "&cYour market has been deleted!"
removed_player_market: "&cSuccessfully removed &4%player%&c's market!"
removed_category: "&cRemoved category &4%market_category_name% &cfrom your market!"
confiscated_market: "&cSuccessfully confiscated market items."
created_market: "&aYou're now the owner of your very own market!"
created_category: "&aYou created a new category for your market called&f: &2%market_category_name%"
added_item_to_category: "&aAdded &2%item_name% &ato market category&f: &2%market_category_name%"
created_request: "&aCreated a new request for x&2%request_amount% %request_item_name%" #You can also use %request_price%
max_request_amount: "&cYou can only request &4%request_max_amount% &citems per request."
cannot_fulfill_own: "&cYou cannot fulfill your own request"
updated_market_name: "&aSuccessfully updated market name"
updated_market_description: "&aSuccessfully updated market description"
updated_market_to_close: "&aSuccessfully closed your market"
updated_market_to_open: "&aSuccessfully opened your market"
updated_category_name: "&aSuccessfully updated category display name."
updated_category_description: "&aSuccessfully updated category description."
updated_category_icon: "&aSuccessfully updated category icon."
#Chat colors will be stripped, this is temporary until
#the command manager is redone
add_category: "add category <name> [description]"
add_item: "add item <category> <price> [priceIsForStack]"
create: "create [name]"
help: "help"
list: "list"
markets: "/markets"
reload: "reload"
set: "set <name|desc|open> <value>"
request: "request <amount> <price>"
settings: "settings"
view: "view <player>"
remove: "remove"
confiscate: "confiscate <player>"
add_category: "Create a new category inside your market."
add_item: "Add a new item to your market"
create: "Create a market if you don't have one."
help: "Shows the help page"
list: "View all available player markets."
markets: "Open the market menu"
reload: "Reload lang and configuration files"
request: "Open a new item request"
set: "Update a specific market setting"
settings: "Open the in game config editor"
view: "Open a specific player's market"
remove: "Delete your market"
confiscate: "Confiscate an entire market's items"
enter_market_name: "&aEnter the new market name:"
enter_category_name: "&aEnter name for new category:"
enter_category_display_name: "&aEnter a new display name for the category:"
enter_category_description: "&aEnter the new description for the category:"
enter_market_item_price: "&aEnter the new price:"