Drops are items or commands that will be executing when a mob is killed or a block is broken.

Base Options

  • Item: An item drop is an item you specify that will be dropped after killing a mob or block break

  • Commands: As with the item drop, commands are just ran by the console. You can add as many commands as you want to a single drop.

  • Chance: This is pretty much just the chance of the item dropping / commands being run.


Conditions are optional to a drop, they are there to help make drops more "customizable" in the sense that specific things may be needed / met before the drop can even execute.

List Of Drop Conditions:

  • Minimum Players - The minimum amount of players that must be online for a drop to activate

  • Maximum Players - Like the minimum # of players, if the max is exceeded the drop won't happen.

  • Mob Name - Only shown when the drop is being added to a mob. If the mob doesn't have the specificized name, the drop will not execute.

  • Item - A specific item that must be used to killed/break the mob/block to get the item.

  • Permission - The permission that a player must have for the drop to activate

  • Enchantments - If you aren't using a custom item condition, the item used to kill / break the mob/block must have any enchantment you select

  • Effects - The potion effects that the player must have active for the drop to be obtained.

(!) Item & Enchantment Conditions Conflict

If you want to use a specific item, you will have to un-select the enchantments as they will conflict with each other.

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